Shadow Monsters

Courage and Creativity

Everyone has aspects of themselves that they wish they could get rid of. These are characteristics that we deem as "bad" and often spend years trying to either suppress or destroy. In Jungian psychological theory these pieces of our identity are considered shadow selves or shadow aspects of ourselves. In this collection they are interpreted as monsters.


I spent a long time fighting my monsters before realizing that they all had stories of their own. The Monsters Inside Us are only monsters because we see them that way. This series is meant to explore the uncomfortable feelings we all experience. It seeks to express not only the pain that comes from battling against them, but also the healing that comes with acceptance. The monsters, it turns out, are not so scary once we get to know them. I hope you enjoy these illustrations. 


Facebook: @jlangart
Instagram: dreamsofjulyart

Twitter: @dreamsofjulyart

Location: United States

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