Tests and Results

I was really trying to hold myself to a schedule of posting every Friday, but this week it didn’t happen. I had a really tough week with some very vivid new hallucinations which I might explore more later.

I was planning on going more in depth with some of these topics and taking them one by one, but I feel like I’m going to start losing relevance and focus if I try to go through them in that manner. So, this is going to be brief summary of the previous things I’d been seeing and hearing relating to the past year and the coming year (ish). The time frame isn’t exact. I think of these messages as coming in segments between landmarks, so something will happen and it will signal that we are switching into a new period but the extent of that period won’t become clear until another landmark appears. This is why I go back to map metaphor, but like the museum metaphor the map is broken into fractals and isn’t exactly linear.

So, with the recognition of severe limitations in the exactness of time/space and linearity, I will do my best to describe one way of looking at this previous and coming period of experiences. Before I begin, I do want to give a couple disclaimers:

1. These ideas are ones that have meaning for me, but I am not certain that they are generalizable. I’ve heard streams of thought similar from other people which gives a little more confidence that it is more than an isolated thought, but it doesn’t mean that it’s applicable to all or most people.

2. This is just one narrative with which you can look at some of the energies and events taking place now. If it is helpful feel free to use and modify it to fit your life, but if it’s not please disregard it.

Here is the narrative:

The easiest metaphor to describe the past and coming year are those of a test and outcome. This is just a metaphor and the connotations we have to those words can inject them with all kinds of meaning. Still, the word test was used a lot. I heard it repeated frequently especially in relation to the months spanning from July to November.

This year has been a time when we have been pushed and forced to shift the ways in which we relate to each other and the world. It has not been typical, and the lack of normalcy has forced many of us to face different types of challenges than we normally would. These challenges work as a kind of test to expose us to new situations and to see our inner abilities and areas where we need work. However, it also worked as a different kind of test. This kind of test is more like a placement or a compatibility test-- that was the main thing I heard between July and November. In that time the test was about inner choices, not necessarily choices that we made in the physical reality or even in our thoughts on the mental plane but the energetic choices and impulses of what our soul really came here for.

What I have heard is that the time that is coming is one of immense (positive) change but as with any change there comes a shuffling of potentials and positions. The last several months have been a good time to assess or re-assess the type of role we are going to play in the world that is coming. The testing is like a calculation where our abilities and natural propensities have been assessed along with our desires and the needs of the shifting environment. During that time (whether we realized it or not) many decisions were made on the other realms about the roles we are choosing to move towards. There is a lot of complexity that can go into describing this, but this is just a quick overview.

Basically, there are a lot of changes coming and those changes are going to involve people taking up certain new roles and responsibility. We have had and still have time to decide which roles we would like to play.

The part this coming next (for some people it has already started) is the result of what we decided. It isn’t as simple as “if you said you wanted it you will have it”, but is the outcome of the calculations based on what you want, where your current and future potential lie, and what is needed. Based on these and other factors things are going to start shifting. We are not likely to find ourselves stepping into new roles right away, first there is going to be a period in which life moves to get us ready for what we have decided to step into. This can feel rough and be experienced as challenges (though it probably won’t be in all cases). It is the re-arranging of things spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical so that we can first become the kinds of people who are capable of fulfilling our new role (think of it as multi-level bootcamp or extensive tutoring to prepare for a really tough class) and second to move us into a place where we actually have the opportunities to step into that role (meeting the right people, being in the right positions, having the right resources, etc). Again, the ideas inherent in this perspective include many more factors and subtleties than I am going into now, but that is the gist of the metaphor.

The relevance of it is this:

This time that we are moving into is incredibly benevolent as it is moving us to fill roles that can be deeply fulfilling. However, there is a good chance that you will find yourself facing many periods of time that do not feel benevolent. It might feel like life is pushing against you and things are crashing down and eroding. If this starts to happen, don’t panic. These things are happening in order to move you to where you need to be. Similarly, if you start to find yourself in incredibly challenging situations, don’t panic or despair. Take a breath and move one step at a time; these are the training grounds that will help you to build the skills and strengths you will need to experience the role you have chosen.

The very persistent message they have given me recently has been this: “Whatever is falling—let it fall and whatever stands will stand.”

They said that there were many times to choose (and there are still are times to make new choices) but we are reaching a time when the things we’ve chosen are going to start to propel us in the directions we have selected. However, they have also reminded me that we don’t see the whole picture or understand the complexities of what that means or the timing of those events.

“Don’t try to hold up the things that are falling, and don’t try to tear down the things that are standing.”

Trusting that things are working out in the way that they need to and that we will be propelled into the actions we need to take at the correct time is not easy. I’ve already not done a great job of listening. However, they gave me this other metaphor—think of it like choosing to ride a rollercoaster. You get on and buckled in and then the car starts climbing up the track. Maybe you look down and feel scared. You panic and want to get off. In that time you cannot get off— you do not have the ability to unbuckled the safety bar and exit— it might be terrifying in that moment to think that you are about to face some of your fears and you CANNOT back out—but the result of taking that seat belt off and trying to exit the ride right then would be catastrophic. Things might look scary and bleak, but it is not the time to try to rush out of the things we’ve already started moving towards.

There are times when we are able to re-evaluate and get off the ride, but this isn’t one of those times. This doesn’t mean in-action though or helplessness. It just means not panicking with how the surrounding atmosphere might look at times and not impulsively trying to veer off the course you’ve already chosen. If you are being propelled in a new direction life will make it very clear and if you are trying to move when it’s not time then you will likely find it extremely difficult.

Again there are many factors, variations, and conditions that can be placed around this idea, but this is just a summary. If it does not fit or help then please ignore it-- it is just what I have been hearing lately and what has made sense to me based on my current experiences.

There are good things coming and many of us are having the option to level up now so that we can participate more in those things. However, the act of actually leveling up can feel brutal at times. So if life feels brutal, try to think of yourself as sticking through tough workout that you chose or staying on the rollercoaster that you waited hours in line to ride. Even though there might be certain moments when you think you regret that decision you ultimately chose to be on that path for a reason and the best way to have the experience or outcome you were searching for is to keep going, don’t rush, but don’t give up either.

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