Letting Things Be

This wasn’t a post I was planning on writing, or a topic I had been thinking about focusing on, but over the last few days I’ve been hearing this message and I wanted to share it. The message is acceptance and love for what is.

It is actually a little ironic. On the one hand I feel like there is a huge energetic push for change. It seems like the times are either pushing or preparing to push many people to come into a greater sense of who they are and what they want to do. There is something that is changing (or has changed on some levels) and the motion of it will eventually start to impact physical reality in a number of ways. We have the potential now to go through a giant growth spurt with many things developing, falling away, being ripped out, or being reformed; it feels imminent and yet—on the cusp of all this movement what I hear most prominently is, “Let things be what they are.”

“Stop trying to change things and stop wishing for things to be different. Things are changing, life is growing all around you. Appreciate what you have and where you are. Learn to love and accept what is right now. It is a time of growing, and growth might feel awkward and uncomfortable. It might look messy and clumsy; you might want to skip stages and jump into the part where you feel a sense of accomplishment and strength—but don’t. It is this part right now—this messy, awkward, challenging moment-- that will unleash the potential you have always had and push you into who you are becoming. Appreciate this moment.”

I remember having a conversation with my sister a few years ago. She was frustrated because I was so focused on the idea of growth and improvement. She expressed that it felt like my constant push to make things better made it seem like nothing was currently good enough. I was surprised when she brought it up to me because I had never thought of it that way. For me the purpose of life was growth. It had nothing to do with getting to a stage of being enough, we already are enough, but we are also always growing. A seed by itself is a beautiful thing. It is enough and yet it hasn’t lived its full life cycle. A seedling is also beautiful, it is also enough but still has much more growing to do. A tree or flower or any other living creature is inherently enough but growth and being enough have nothing to do with one another.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with always striving to go further, but she was also right. I was pushing too hard. It wasn’t enough for me to let things grow naturally, I wanted time to move faster. Part of this was because I was in pain and I wanted the pain to stop. I thought that if I could move fast enough to the next stage it would hurt less. That’s not really how pain works though, it’s also not really how growth works.

This is a time of natural growth and growth has many phases that feel less than ideal, but it’s okay. Those less than ideal stages bloom into beautiful moments and abilities. Who we are now is no less important than who we have been before or will be in the future.

This moment that exists right now is only a moment. This stage—however good or bad it might feel—is only a stage. It is only temporary, but it is also all that we currently have. This a good time to learn what it means to accept what is and let it be-- no matter what form it is in the process of taking. I feel that this is a really good time to remember to be kind and gentle with ourselves and each other and all the awkward, clumsy, messy, shadowy parts that might be inherent in the present.

There is something else I want to say right now but I’m having trouble finding the words for it. I think it is a sentiment along these lines,

“Just because something is temporary, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also eternal.”

This moment is temporary, but not disposable. Don’t overlook it; in it is the essence of eternity.

I’ll try to have more pulled together post soon. This is just a quick sentiment that I really wanted to share.

Thank you for reading and know that I am here, sending a lot of love and working in the best way I know how to build a better world one moment at a time.

If you are feeling discouraged wanting things to lighten, please know that you aren’t alone here. We might not always see each other directly but there are many of us who are here working towards building a world of compassion, understanding, and connection. None of us are ever completely alone— no matter how dark the space between us might seem.

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