Divine Timing and Free Will

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I’ve been struggling to get the words out. This is one of the concepts that came from the messages I started receiving in October 2020. In order to understand it the idea of soul contracts is necessary.

Soul contracts are an explanation for how and why we come here to experience certain things in a given lifetime. They have to do with our purpose for being here and the themes that we will come across again and again as we progress through life. When I first came across the idea a couple of years ago it struck a chord with me because I have this vague half-memory of being a child and talking to what I know think of as a spirit guide but earlier would have described as a hallucination. This is one of those thin, wispy memories that comes from the void of time when what I do remember is fragmented and non-linear.

I remember being outside in the yard and having a silent conversation with someone or thing—an unseen entity who I didn’t bother to try to define back then. The conversation was related to purpose and goals in life and though I don’t recall it word for word I remember how much I wanted to help. I’ve referenced this memory in a more narrative form before and don’t need to go into much detail about it now. The reason I mention it is because when I came across the idea of the soul contract that memory resurfaced along with many similar ones scattered across the years. In those memories I had a vague recollection even though I didn’t always outwardly portray it, of wanting to have a life where I would be seen as useless to society. I had a vague idea of being stigmatized and seen because of labels that were opposed by many, because I wanted to understand what it felt like to have those labels and then to speak up and show people that the labels were wrong--- the ideas made no sense and all people no matter what you called them had meaning and purpose and were worthy of love. The notion didn’t come to me in words and using words to try to describe it now doesn’t really convey the experience, but the essence of it was a knowing that there were things in my life that I had chosen to be difficult because I knew that I wanted to know what it was like to experience them and then to eventually know what it was like to break free of them.

When I read about soul contracts for the first time these memories made sense. That’s what that notion was, I knew, even if it wasn’t fully conscious, I had a vague impression of the contracts I’d signed onto before I was born and I knew that the hard things in life weren’t there to torment me but because they were the story, I had chosen to live so that I could experience them, grow, learn, and eventually help and teach.

Soul contracts are in essence the idea that before you were born your soul decided it would focus predominantly on learning certain lessons and having certain experiences to facilitate growth. Everyone has different contracts and some are stricter while others are more free; but everyone came here with an intention to learn about certain things in certain ways.

When I was growing up my dad would talk to me about the idea of predestination versus free will. He told me that some religious groups believed that nothing was out of God’s control and so everything was predetermined. Everything happened for a reason and we had very little ability to control the outcome of any event. He never liked the view but when we talked about religion, he liked to present the different perspectives on it. Predestination felt untrue to me because if everything was already determined what was the point of living. It didn’t make sense to just be a doll that some God had already scripted and go through all the motions with no authority what-so-ever. On the other hand, there were times when things really did seem to line up as if they had been choreographed. There were events in history and in personal life that made you step back and say, “there’s no way that was all just chance.” My dad presented the view that struck him as most satisfying as deism in which a God created the world and set things in motion and let them go on their own, but sometimes interfered for certain outcomes. This idea made sense to me on some level, but not completely. If God created and loved all his creatures then why interfere to help some out at the cost of others? Why make things work out for some of them and let others fall into ruin?

The conflict remained. Sometimes it seemed like divine intervention had to have taken place, but sometimes things seemed like natural consequences for actions that we determined. The problem with all the views that were presented were that they all fit within a Western Judeo-Christian perspective of life. They assumed that humans were created as special creatures made by a God and that suffering and death were within realms that fell to the opposition of God—the realm of evil. But what if, as other philosophies have presented—we are all a part of the entity we considered God? What if we actually were both the human entity and the divine counter part working together with a large web of divinity to create the experience we have of life on Earth? And what if part of the creation of that life was the signing up for certain lessons and experiences that we chose to learn before we were born? What if our free will was also part of divine intervention because we used our free will to work in tandem with divinity to create the divine timing of certain events before we were born and then that divine intervention helped us to direct our choices back to our initial desire after we came here?

I know that sounds like a huge stretch in perspectives; it took me a few months to admit that I agreed with the later perspective more than the former one that I was raised in. For me the idea that we are all part of God and not separate from him/her/it made things much clearer once I was able to let go of the part of me that greatly resisted that notion—but whether you see yourself and everything else as part of or separate from God, understanding that you influence the creation of your life both through contracts prior to birth and through choices after birth is crucial for understanding the way that your life unfolds and for realizing that even though you may experience discomfort you are not a victim.

From the perspective of a soul contract, you came into the world with a certain mission in mind. The missions aren’t necessarily as specific as we tend to define them—they aren’t a career choice or a certain singular goal. Instead, the mission is more like a theme or set of themes. We all came here to have the experience of being alive, for example, but how that life looks and what that means to each of us is unique and personal. Some of us came here to learn about things related specifically to love, joy, freedom, or truth. There are millions of ways these themes can be expressed and so there are millions of different life experiences that can fit within these themes. Some of us came with more open themes like the ones I just mentioned, but I think that some of us came here to specifically help with certain things. Since we signed up for something that was related to a larger plan there was less flexibility in these contracts and things were designed so that we would be re-directed towards our contract whenever we got off track. Even though we created and signed a contract, as living beings we still have the choice to honor or avoid that contract, but for some of us we signed in a way that the choice would narrow to a point that eventually became—either you do what you came here to do or you leave. This is what the voices told me a couple years ago, when I finally started admitting to myself what I believed.

“You came here to live” they said, “but you weren’t given these experiences just to ignore them. You need to use what you know to help and if you aren’t going to help while you are on this planet then your time here can end and you can help from the other side of the veil. You cannot stay in the middle; you need to start standing up and doing what you came here for or you will die. Those are your choices.”

I don’t believe that most people have such inflexible contracts— I think that most people can have many options and experience long, happy, fulfilling lives, but I think sometimes we chose to have lives with specific roles that are part of a bigger story and when we do that the flexibility is less available. I also think that as individuals we have a lot of power in how we chose to experience our contracts, but there are certain time periods (in this version of reality) where the consequences of those choices are greater and this leads to less flexibility. I personally, believe we are in one of those times. We still have free will and can chose whatever we decide but the consequences of the choices we are making right now have long term implications both in relation out our individual lives and collectively on the planet.

If we are alive right now we chose to be here during a tremendous turning point for Earth and humanity. We are choosing to be here when we are tilting away from our own destruction and redirecting ourselves and our species towards a kind of existence that is more in harmony with the concept of life itself. If we chose to come here in human form now then we chose to be part of this important time and so our contracts line us up with this movement and right now there is less flexibility than usual—which means that the consequences of our choices will be stronger. That doesn’t mean that we need to go into fear mode and panic, it means that we really need to think about what is important to us and start living based on those ideals. We show what our priorities are by the choices we make and now the choices we make are going to influence the future of the world we are creating so hopefully what each of us is creating is in line with our true priorities and not with things that we really don’t want.

Even when the contracts become less flexible, we still have free will, but the choices are becoming narrower so it becomes more important to stand for what you really believe in standing for and doing what you really believe in doing. This time period that we are living in right now is great example of a time when divine timing and free will collide so that one day people will look back in awe of how things ended up, but we will know that we both created and succumbed to the events that are unraveling now. That’s the message I’ve been getting lately—this next period of time is crucial and if your soul is here now then you came here for a reason whether it looks big or small on the outside—line up with theme of your reason and use it to help bring about a future that you be happy to create.

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