How to Change the World

Changing the world seems like such a large task.

How many of us were told to dream about it when were young but forget about it once we became adults?

If changing the world means that we have to somehow change societal structures and the minds and hearts of other people or do things like permanently end poverty or social injustice then the thought that a single person could dare to believe in such a thing is preposterous.

But here is the thing,

Changing the world is not some monumentally impossible task. It is something we do every single day. You are in the world and you are a part of the world. The actions you take or don't take occur in the world and become part of the story of it. All you have to do to change the world is live in it. If you are alive, if you are reading this, even if you aren't reading this, congratulations you have changed the world.

The question really isn't whether you will change the world or not, it is how you will change it. How do you want the world to look? Do you want it to be kinder? Braver? More loving? Then spend time today being just a little kinder, a little braver, a little more loving.

Do you want more compassion? More understanding? More justice? Than act compassionately, be understanding, and pursue justice.

Change doesn't have to be one giant shock wave that suddenly flips everything on its head. It is just a small choice that a person makes and then another choice and another. It can be the choice to smile or take the time to say hi. The choice to forgive instead of hold a grudge. The choice to face fears or heal wounds.

If you want to change the world then change it. You are more than capable of it-- you are already doing it, just take ownership of the power you already have and choose the direction you want that change to take.

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