Remember What's Important

It's so easy to forget. I keep doing it. I start to think school is important or grades, or I make plans for what I want to do in the future and think that is important. I think about what people will think of me or if I doing enough for others and think that is important. In a way it is and they are, but mostly when I do that I forget what really matters.

The voices keep saying, "make important what is important." This makes me stop and think; what actually is important?

In time I am brought back to a place where I can remember that what is important is not what I do or how I do it. It isn't what I have or what my goals and dreams are. It isn't who I am around or if my life will have meaning.

What is important is that right now, in this moment I am alive. I am experiencing a miracle every second of every day and before I have the chance to comprehend what that means a new miracle has formed and faded only to be replaced by an even newer one. Life is an infinite miracle.

I get to experience school. I get to be around people. I get to make plans (and abandon them and re-assert them and change them). I get to dream--all because I am alive.

Yes I get stressed out. Yes there is fear and pain and physical needs. There are time constraints and expectations. But when I think that any one thing in my life is the MOST IMPORTANT thing then I get super over-whelmed trying to make that thing everything when it isn't. It is just a thing. It is just a part of life.

Life itself is what is important. Being here now. Knowing that right now is a miracle. That is important. And when I remember that, then the stress starts to melt and the fear loosens its grip. It doesn't matter if I do well or poorly, it will be gone in time anyway.

What matters is that in this moment I can feel the miracle of being alive. I can feel peace and love and compassion. I can saturate my own heart with all the colors of life that make this experience a thrilling, beautiful, dynamic dance and I can know that what is important is indefinable, inescapable, and constantly renewed. It has nothing to do with being easy or right or hard or wrong; it just is.

This moment right now, this breath.. THIS is important.

#LifeLessons #Healing #MentalHealth #PersonalGrowth #spirituality

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