Theme Song For This Year

Last year's theme and song were related to finding and following happiness instead of expectation. This year the aim is a little higher. It has to do with hope and making the necessary preparations to pursue the dreams that I once believed were too impossible to even think about.

Let's see if we can make the impossible possible.

Even if it is truly impossible and I only fail at it, I've realized that I would rather fail at an attempt to live a life that I believe in than succeed at one that doesn't resonate with what is in my heart. I don't know if this will work or how, but I'm going to try and we'll see what happens.

Here is the song I'm using for inspiration (Stargazing by Kygo) to remind myself not to give up on the things I believe in. Night or day there are lights around, I'm going to keep looking for them and trusting in their presence even when I can't see them.

Hope you are having a great day. Don't give up on your dreams.


#LifeLessons #PersonalGrowth

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