Moving Upwards

I was running and listening to music a week or two ago and this image came into my mind.

It started out as a person walking along the ground going about their normal way who suddenly noticed a red thread floating in the air. They followed the thread and it opened into a pathway.

The person began to walk on the pathway and found that they were being given a slightly different perspective on things. They were curious about where the perspective would lead so they kept going, moving higher and higher above the ground so that at times they became uncertain about whether or not they should continue. They started to realize that they were getting far enough away from where they had been that it would be a hard fall if they slipped but they kept wanting to see where this new perspective would take them.

Suddenly the road they were on came unraveled-- the new perspective had failed them. Not only could they not go any further but they were falling back down to the ground, about to land where they had begun but with great pain.

Then a hand caught them from above and lifted them. The hand belonged to a different version of themself who had already followed this path. That version of him/her was on an even higher up level. Now the person became even more whole as he/ she was joined with another version of his/herself. They regrouped and together found the courage to go further and faster. The momentum increased and they were running up the pathway. Sometimes they were scared because the ground was getting far below and to fall now could be deadly. The clouds were also getting thick, making it hard to be sure where they were going or why but they encouraged each other until the new thread unraveled and with the momentum they already had built they had to leap even further into the unknown.

They leaped and again were met with hands reaching down from above to catch them and take them further above the clouds. These hands again belonged to another version of themselves and now they became even more complete than before and began to develop the ability to fly. Eventually they would go on beyond the clouds and atmosphere into the sky where from below they would look to the the first self like a star. Maybe it was the stars that kept the first self walking until he/ she found the thread to begin with. Maybe he/ she had always been both the star and the seeker of stars all along.

That's all. Thank you for reading.


#Art #PersonalGrowth

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