Keep Going

This drawing is about passing through the area of darkness as you follow your dreams. In this space all the painful things that stop you from going after what you want seem to be falling out of the sky around you: fear, doubt, pain, guilt... Words that make you want to stop and give up. But if you stop then you never get out of that painful, dark place and you never get to see what is on the other side.

The figure in the drawing is led by his/her heart and a bird as a guide. "Keep going" says the bird as the heart tugs the figure through harm. If the figure stopped he/she might be crushed by the doubt that is falling overhead, but the heart tugs and the figure moves and even though he/she is surrounded by danger on every side he/she is not harmed by the danger.

"You have to move through this hard stuff" is the message. "Don't focus on the hard stuff, don't get stuck crashing into it or let it fall on top of you, but move through it so that you can get to your dreams on the other side. Keep going."

#Art #Healing

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