A Different Kind of Dream

I had a dream a while ago-- maybe a month or so back-- I knew when I woke up that I wanted to share it but I couldn't find the words for it until now.

In the dream I was sleeping in a building. It was very dark but I was aware that there were people around me. The whole room was filled with beds and it felt like we had all stopped over on our way somewhere-- like we were staying in cabin on our way through the mountains.

There was a stirring that went throughout the room then. We were all in a sort of half-sleep. In the half-sleep we couldn't tell what was real. We all thought we were alone, surrounded by enemies. Monsters seemed to arise around us. I realized I had a stone with me and gripped it and when a monster attacked I fought back. The stone became sharp like a blade and I was tearing through them while they were attacking me.

Then the stone started to glow and in the hazy light that it emitted I saw that the monster was not actually a monster but a person-- a friend. We had been ripping each other apart believing that we were enemies when we were really part of the same family going on a journey together. Everyone in the room had a stone and all the stones were starting to glow in different colors and the more they glowed the more we could see that all of us had been bumping into each other in the night and in an effort to protect ourselves we had only caused more pain.

Everyone was sorry then and there was crying and regret, but the stones glowed even more. The light was getting stronger and we saw even more clearly how we were all the same. We all wanted to the same thing-- to be loved, to move forward, to believe in something greater-- and as we saw each other more the lights grew and then the stones that had been weapons began to to emit a healing energy. We held them up to each other and the light grew out of the stone and stitched all the wounds back together so that we were whole again. Then the lights kept growing and we knew that morning was on the horizon. Our journey would resume soon and when it did we would go forward with a new awareness that none of us were really as alone as we imagined we had been in during the dark part of the night.

#PersonalGrowth #Healing

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