I Refuse to Believe...

I refuse to let the actions of a few misguided people change this fundamental belief...

People are good. Life is good. We are worthy of better. All of us.

When you hear about some of the things that go on in the world it is easy to believe that people are bad, that the world is evil, and that life is suffering. It's easy to think that we need to be MORE defensive and LESS trusting.

There are people who choose to let their fear, anger, rage, and pain guide their decisions. This is the truth. The people who continually make the choices to do that can cause more fear, anger, rage and pain to themselves and everyone around them. There is no way to deny that this exists or that innocent (and not innocent) people suffer. Reality is painful.


It is also beautiful because even though the truth of pain and suffering exists, so does the truth of love and happiness. MOST people do not let fear, anger, rage, and pain consume them to the point where they make such horrific and tragic decisions. Most people are good people, doing their best to make the most of the time they've been given.

I refuse to believe that the majority of people that I pass by while I go through my day are less than good people doing their best to live their lives. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. But I don't need to let the horrible things that SOME people decided to do influence how I choose to see and relate to the good people all around me.

So in spite of the hatred that's been in the news lately...

I am going to choose to not let fear control my perception of others.

I am aware that there are dangers out there, but I am also aware that there is grace, love, and compassion and I will live my life according to these principals and not the threats that are whispered through acts of violence.

The world is good and we are stronger than any fear we might have of it or each other.

We can do this guys, we can choose to see the best in ourselves and others.

I'm done with my rant now. Wishing you all the best.

with love,


#LifeLessons #Healing #PersonalGrowth

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