Quick Sketches Part 2

Some of these took a little longer than 2 hours, one of them didn't (I bet you can guess which). Still I hope you enjoy them. I enjoyed making them.

A Change in Perspective

This is a follow up from "Time to Let Go".

The writing says: You thought you were anchored back in that tree?

No, you've always been floating through space at the mercy of forces beyond your control.

You just didn't see it that way before.

Wave of Transformation

This one did NOT come out the way I wanted. It's okay though, it was still a good concept to think about while I worked on it.

Words Pour In

Originally I was trying to give my person a face, but it wouldn't work. Eventually I realized I couldn't force this drawing to be what it didn't want to be and the words started coming in. I like it better this way than the way I initially imagined it.

Here's what it says:

Words like constant drops of rain,

Pour down and invade my brain.

Holding on and falling down,

Where have all the words gone now?

When the day comes to its end,

before I must begin again

I hold on to each drop of rain,

until the time comes to refrain.

The invisible person (i.e. stick figure in the head) says: What do I do?


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