A Thought About Healing

I stepped on a thorn the other day. Not a real thorn, but a sticker or brr, whatever you call those little dried seed pods with little hooks on the outside that dig themselves into everything...

Anyway, I stepped on one of those and it went deep enough into my skin that I had to stop and pry it out. It didn't hurt much going in and barely at all coming out but once it was out my foot started to pulse in a warm, slightly numbing way.

I thought, hmm... how interesting that the pain doesn't start until after the thing is out.

Do you think that how it works with emotional or psychological pain too?

Maybe that's what makes healing feel hard. Maybe that phantom pain that comes from pulling thorns out of skin is good sign that something harmful is leaving. It throbs just a few seconds and then its gone.

Just a thought...

#LifeLessons #Healing

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