A Necessary Reminder

I was laying in my room today whining to myself, which I have been doing way too frequently lately. Suddenly this voice cuts through all of my thoughts, super loud and clear.

It says "Stop it, Jaime"

And I freeze because it's not a voice I'm used to hearing and they almost never say my name.

Then I realize all my annoying, whiny thoughts are gone.

What do I do? I wonder, but before those words finish forming I know the answer..

Whatever I want, just don't complain about it. It's my life, my choice. I'm not a victim. I need to get up and enjoy it while it's mine to enjoy.

So I got up, had my hair chopped off, and remembered that I'm really lucky to have the life I do. :) :) :)

#LifeLessons #PersonalGrowth

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