Not Staying in the Lines

Technically, this could be a "Stories Behind the Art" post, but I'm tired of seeing that heading pop up.

Maybe later I'll do a "Stories Behind the Art" post that talks about the meaning this picture took on, but first I wanted to talk about the process through which it was created.

"Swimming in my Garden" is one of my newer drawings. It has a different theme and style than some of the older ones and honestly, it's one of my personal favorites but it was not at all what I expected.

If you look closely you can see where the name comes from. There is a tree and flowers and a swirl of the sky and water with a person swimming in the middle.

This is a picture of the finished drawing but let me show you how it began....

I started this as a grid because I wondered what would happen if I went inch by inch and filled in the paper. It was just supposed to be a fun experiment so I didn't care too much if the lines were exact or that there is a smudge in it.

I started going block by block like I had planned and this is how far I got before I got bored and frustrated by the lack of discontinuity.

So I gave up my original plan and did this instead:

And that's when I actually started having fun. The process reminded me of an important lesson that I should've learned by now (but haven't)... I don't like staying in the lines. Art is meant to push those lines, not be contained in them. It is also meant to be fun.

I know everyone has different philosophies on art and life and just about everything. I am just having to accept that my personal best comes when I stop trying so hard to fit things into boxes. It has never turned out well for me. In my experience, the most exciting parts of living happen beyond those lines.

And that includes coloring on the matting too ;)

Have a great day. Don't be afraid to color outside the lines.

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