Pricing List

In an attempt to turn this into an actual business I'm starting a pricing list.

Right now this is mostly for my own reference but I plan on applying it later. It will help me come up with a fair way of selling.

Photograph Prints: $2+cost of printing (depends on printer and type of print requested) +shipping and handling+ tax


Marker Original : $0.15 per square inch + frame and mat+ shipping and handling+ tax

Pencil Original: $0.05 per square inch +frame and mat+ shipping and handling +tax

Paintings: $0.10 per square inch+canvas+ approximate cost of supplies+ shipping and handling+ tax

For prints (non-original) of any artwork cost will be $5+cost of printing (depends on printer)+ shipping and handling+ tax.

Until I get the pricing sorted out a little more clearly, if you are interested in purchasing something please let me know and I will give you a cost estimate. I do have a pay-pal account to help manage transactions so that is available.

Thank you for being patient with me as I adjust my system of doing things,


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