Personal Challenge: Conclusion

Personal Challenge 20 of 20! End of Week 4!

Yes! Finally. Lol.

You know, this month has had its challenges aside from this assignment I gave myself. I'm glad its over now, but I'm grateful for this experience too.

I'm not going to spend too long on this. There are just a couple things I wanted to say.

Some things I learned from this experience:

1. I hate trying to think of things to say when I actually have nothing to say.

2. Sometimes the process of "thinking of something to say" actually gives me something to say.

3. Sometimes the process of "thinking of something to say" brings out a bunch of paranoia and fears that bring me to the brink of another 'episode'.

Future goals:

1. Write 1-2 posts and 1-2 posts a week on each of my sites

2. I have a project for Dreams of July I'm going to be working on (so if you are interested, keep checking in on that site to see what develops).

3. Time to start dealing with some pain I've been avoiding (so if you know me personally be prepared for tears, moodiness, and other sh*t like that which I normally try to keep private with varying degrees of success).

Thanks for reading.

I'll write again next week.



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