Invisible Peoples: Worlds Collide

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about my "Invisible Peoples" drawing series (recently and in the past). This is my newest addition in a while (took a break to see if I could learn how to paint). I think that what many people (including myself) like about these drawings are the combination of simplicity and detail. The figures are simple, but there are a lot of them and I do work on the shading because I like to play with illusions.

Anyway here is a quick summary of "the meaning" of this particular piece.

This drawing plays with the idea that we are a microcosm mixed in with a bunch of other microcosms and some times we take the time to notice each other and sometimes we don't. Whether we notice or believe in the validity of the "worlds" around us or not we are always interacting with them in some way. Size and dimension are frequently used in my drawings to show differences in perception and interactions. This was technique I tried to make use of frequently here.

Some of the most obvious examples of this are the green-guy with the glasses and the red-guy with the magnifying glass who are just starting to notice the intricacies of the the "object" (or depending on how you look at it "painting" or "world") that makes up the center of the illustration. The pink person is large enough to draw attention but not as big or detailed as the green or red observers. This person is painting a world into existence without even being aware of the little persons crawling up the paint brush or sitting on his/her head. The paint cans and spilled paint are similarly different sizes and serve different purposes for each level of existence (they are paint, a beach, a pool, a boulder to climb, etc).

This piece is different from most of the other "Invisible Peoples" drawings because it also incorporates some 'natural' components rather than only geometric settings. They are a little harder to spot in the full photograph but there are a bird and tree in this drawing (two elements I do not think I've ever used in this style before).

Here is a cropped image with the bird in focus

Here is a similarly cropped image with the tree in focus.

Those are just couple things I wanted to share because they are new additions to this particular category. Within the illustration are many stories if you take the time to look carefully at the different people and their interactions. I feel like this is a somewhat obvious metaphor for life. There are infinite stories within stories within stories creating a complex multi-dimensional web and we all get to be part of it and affect the outcome-- for better or worse-- usually for both.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Please comment or respond if you want.

Have a great day, Jaime

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