Personal Challenge 19 of 20. Almost done!

"I just wanted to see," The child stammered, eyes growing glossy "Why did they all break?"

The parent knelt down to look at the heap of glass and porcelain, sighed and then answered.

"Sometimes things fall apart."

"But there are so many pieces."

"Yes. There usually are."

"Can we fix them?"

"No," The parent replied, but continued before the sobs could take possession of the child's body "not the same way as before. But we can make something new"

The child looked up, curious. "New? How?"

"Sometimes" the parent answered, gathering the pieces up into a bin, "Things fall apart so that we can try again. All the same pieces, but a brand new picture."

Once the pieces were gathered the parent took the child to the studio and laid out several containers. They sorted the pieces carefully by color. When that was done, they sat at the table and started to place them down, one at a time, creating a new design: a star, a flower, a waterfall. The pieces didn't fit together perfectly, but in time they began to take on a life of their own.

Later the parent would use resin to seal the pieces together and the table would be kept in the child's room and then when the child was no longer a child they would be put in the child's house and then in the child's child's room and one day the child's child would ask their grandparent about the beautiful table and the grandparent would explain that it was made because sometimes things fall apart and can't be put back together again.

And that is perfectly okay ...

#LifeLessons #PersonalGrowth #Healing

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