The Story Behind The Art: Mentor

I created this drawing earlier in the year when I was playing with shapes and dimension. The two shadowed figures stand at the entrance of a tunnel, ready to embark on a journey together. The two people can be interpreted as the same person in childhood and late adulthood or two separate people at different life stages teaching each other how to navigate the beautiful, but chaotic tunnel of existence. The title comes from the fact that the figures are "mentoring" each other. You need both the courage and idealism of youth and wisdom and experience of age to navigate life and in its many different forms. Look closely and notice that hearts are located throughout the tunnel. Though the passage darkens and bends out of sight, love is a constant guiding force and while no one can predict where they will end up, the mentor-ship between youth and age can make the experience magical rather than scary.

I hope that drawings like this will evoke different interpretations and emotions from each viewer. We all carry our own unique set of experiences into our existence. For me this drawing was an expression of integration. I was struggling with moving forward in a life that seemed to be taken unexpected turns. It was a way of reminding myself to tap into both aspects so that I could approach the future with the seemingly contradictory forces of knowing and not-knowing. Childhood and "not-knowing" bring a sense of enthusiasm and adventure, but only the experience of watching stormy skies clear up can bring the the serene reassurance that things stabilize eventually.

Childhood is magical because everything is new, but it is also terrifying until you learn that the monster hiding under your bed is actually your shoe covered in a blanket. How can I find the balance of excitement without terror? I needed to contact both of these parts of myself. This year has been an intense personal journey for me so far and I have needed to find all the allies I could (physical and non-physical) to help me get through. That's what this drawing means to me.

What does it mean to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


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