CHEAT DAY!! To Do List

Personal Challenge 9 of 20

I admit it. I'm cheating. I don't have anything to write right now. I feel like I poured my heart out already, but I still want to make my personal challenge goal of 5 posts a week for 4 weeks. That means I need to post something today and tomorrow to successfully complete week 2.

So I decided to use this space to make a mini to-do list for myself and write down the things I want to get done in the next week. I figure that this will motivate me to stay focused and actually make progress towards these goals.

Plus it adds a post this week and the possibility of a follow-up post next week! Double Cheat ;)

Okay here is a short list of goals for the next week:

1. Finish new "Invisible Peoples" drawing What is an "Invisible Peoples"? Click here to find out

2. Read through document I've been sent on cover art

4. Finish organizing files for Hesperia Lake Photography on my computer

5. Write 2 blog posts for Dreams of July Website

6. Make 1 Cover-art template for practice

7. Finish current and next section of book I'm reading

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