Photo Gallery: Backyard Habitat

As a kid the yard was a place to discover the natural world around me. It might seem small now but I remember watching the different ant colonies declare war on each other and hunting for lady bugs and butterflies. As an adult its easy to forget the magical worlds of creatures living all around us. We like to believe that small or common things don't really matter, but each living organism is part of its own intricate ecosystem. Every animal, plant, and insect struggles for survival and is part of its own unique world-- whether humans decide to recognize them or not.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time and wonder to reconnect with these neighboring societies, but if you slow down and look closer you might start to recognize some of the unique characteristics, personalities, and experiences of nature that exist in your own neighborhood.

Magic is learning to see the world in a new way. :)

For the full gallery click here.

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