New (not art related) Website

Updated: I've decided to slowly work towards integrating that other website into this one and then deleting it. The posts that were previously on that site or the ones that I write that normally would have been posted there will now be here under the category "Life Lessons".

Thank you for reading and for being so supportive.


From March 3, 2018:


I was painting the other day and I kept hearing this thought in my head and eventually it turned into a whole conversation and then I thought... You know I should write essays or something...

I didn't write an essay, but I did create a new website specifically for all this random life stuff.

If you want check it out I'd be honored.

If you don't, that's cool too.

There is a link to it on the about me section of this site.

or you can just click here to get to it.



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