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  • Jaime Lang

You Can Only Give What You Have AND You Can Only Have What You Give

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

When I was trying to get back on my feet and learn how to be independent I spent some time meditating on the idea of money and resources. I was talking to the voices about how I could possibly earn enough to get to where I needed to go and they told me that people often split principles in half.

They said that in your mind and in this world people think very linearly, but things actually work more like a spiral or a circle. The spiral can be understood linearly like an algebra equation. There are two parts in an equation that mirror each other, these parts are split in half by an equals sign. Since the two halves mirror each other all you have to do to change the equation is change one of the halves and the other will have to change as well.

When it comes to giving and receiving material items, many people break the equation in half. They understand that you can only give what you have, but they don't realize that you also can only have what you give. So they told me if I want to have more then I should learn to give more-- but I could only give what I have (this means going into debt to give more to gain more is not the ideal solution, even though I have seen it work for others so maybe it is just riskier application of this idea).

Anyway, as backwards as it sounds to our linear minds it actually has been a really helpful principle for me which has proven itself to be true in many circumstances. It can be applied to money and material wealth but it can be applied even more easily to non-material things like love, respect, help, and attention.

From a strictly Western scientific perspective it is hard for me to understand why this principle works so well, but from a perspective that incorporates the law of attraction it actually makes a lot of sense. The law of attraction explains that you attract things that mimic your energy so if you embody generosity you will receive generosity, if you embody having enough to give freely you will also receive having enough to give freely, etc.

If you feel like experimenting with this idea and seeing if it works for you I highly encourage it. You can try it by giving whatever you would like to receive more of (whether it is something physical or non-physical), you can also experiment by observing the kinds of things (actions, thoughts, attitudes/ emotions, and material items) that you naturally give and notice if you see those things coming back towards you or not.

Something to think about at least. If you do experiment with it leave a comment and let me know what the results of that experimentation were.

Have a great night and thanks for reading/ watching.

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