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  • Jaime Lang

Spiral Pattern of Life

There are times when you are working on growth and healing when it feels like you a propelling ahead and things feel great. In those times it seems like you are reaching goals and seeing progress and there is an unstoppable force pulling you along. Then there are moments when things slow down and you feel as if you have been pushed backwards into some old pattern that you thought you had outgrown. These moments feel discouraging and can make you wonder if you really did make any progress at all.

I remember the first few times I noticed this pattern. I would get so angry when I found myself seeming to move backwards into old fears, beliefs, and actions. I would fight with my guides and myself. I wanted to know what I had done wrong and how I had ended up back where I didn’t want to be.

At that time they offered me this new framework:

Life doesn’t move in a straight line the way you typically want to envision it. A better shape to describe it would be a spiral or a coil. As you move forward along the coil you circle the same themes but always approaching them from a slightly new perspective. When you see the same themes coming up on your life it doesn’t mean you are going backwards, you can’t go backwards in life. You are always changed by the experiences you have and every day you are different from the day before; so even if you feel like you are seeing the same situations, you and your approach to them is never the same as it has been.

There is no backwards and there is no reason to get mad at yourself or feel like you’ve failed. You do not learn a lesson and move on, instead you learn and then you revisit to learn in more depth, and then you revisit to learn in more depth. Each time you confront the same challenges you grow and your understanding deepens. This is how you learn everything. You don’t expect to master a subject in school after one lesson, you only master it when you have revisited it from many different vantage points going deeper and then broader. The lessons you are mastering in life are no different. Every ring around the coil brings you a new chance to build mastery and new opportunity to apply what you learned the last time around. This is why you don’t have to worry if things take time, opportunities circle around (or rather you circle around them) and will have many chances to grow.

Life is not linear though you humans like to draw it that way. In honesty it is not a coil either. It is actually far more dynamic with many moving pieces and interconnected dimensions, but for the sake of understanding this particular pattern more easily use the coil as a diagram. You are not going backwards; you cannot go backwards. You are not making mistakes or getting off your path, those are impossibilities. Everything is meant to move you forward and help you grow. Every cycle you learn more and strengthen your abilities. Do not get discouraged. Life keeps moving and you will keep moving with it. When you notice a repeating pattern take the time to apply what you have learned or try something new altogether to see what happens, play with the results, have fun, be curious, enjoy the ride. Each time around the coil is an invitation to re-explore, re-create, and re-comprehend a theme you have chosen to focus on in this lifetime. There is no failure here. Life is playground with endless opportunities to try again and again and again—to learn and grow experience the things your soul has come here to learn.

Do not worry and do not feel like you have failed. There is no failure. Enjoy the ride, explore the patterns, take the opportunities when you are ready and see what variations you can find each time you rotate around. Life is fun and each cycle is an exploration. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Play, watch, enjoy what is.

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