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Soul Landscapes

Updated: May 16, 2022

What is a Soul Landscape?

A soul landscape is a symbolic representation of the spiritual/emotional state of an individual or of a collective energy. It is a way of understanding where a person “is” spiritually/emotionally based on the symbols present around them. A soul landscape is not something that shows up in the physical reality, it is something that has qualities similar to dreams which is why messages are conveyed through symbols.

Just as dreams can be interpreted to provide information about the dreamer’s unconscious and semiconscious thoughts, the soul landscape can be interpreted to provide information about the person or group’s emotional state. Soul landscapes can change as a person experiences different circumstances or emotions, they are simply snapshots of where a person (or part of the person) is emotionally, but they can still be useful for showing expectations, beliefs, strengths and weak spots in a person’s energy field.

Though these are symbolic representations of emotions, if aspects of them are consistent enough and strong enough there are elements that sometimes manifest over time in physical form. I’ll give you a personal example, for years when I would look at myself and where I was in this energetic soul landscape form the landscape would change but the figurative representation of myself would be injured with gashes across the ribs. I also noticed that when I would get energetically sick (this would happen because I draw in the energy that is around me but I didn’t know how to transmute it and it would become painful to feel so much) my body would crunch and jolt around the same focal point. Earlier this year I developed physical pain in the same location, I recognized it was the same place when I instinctively wrapped my arms around myself and realized that it was the same motion I had made whenever I was feeling sick from the energy. I also recognized when it showed up physically that this was the area that is associated with the solar plexus chakra and that ribs are associated with boundaries. Solar plexus is associated with confidence and a sense of self. Since this is an area I have repeatedly struggled with for most of my life, it wasn’t surprising to me that this was the main injury that I would see or that it was a weak enough spot in my energy field to become a physical injury. On the bright side, I no longer see that injury in my own soul landscape readings, but the physical pain is still healing.

This is just to explain that the energetic/emotional/spiritual dimensions do influence and interact with the physical but not always in a direct line and not always immediately. Generally, information that I notice in the energetic field gives me an indication of what is happening and what a likely outcome will be based on the pattern of movement, it does not guarantee an accurate prediction of the future but shows the direction that energy is flowing. Since manifestations occur in the non-physical plane before they show up in the material world this is an opening for potentials as well as a symbolic representation of current and previous emotions. Also, since the physical world is impacted by the energetic world, working with the figures in the soul landscape to bring comfort or move them out of danger and pain, can reduce some of the emotional distress that a person may be experiencing from unconscious wounds in the physical realm.

On a side note, for anyone who is interested, the entities that the general public think of as ghosts and lost souls (even demonic entities) also exist on this energy plane and when worked with on this plane they can also experience healing and peace—what most people consider moving on or into the light. I do not personally recommend the active pursuit of communication with these entities if you are not experienced in working with them because there is often a high degree of pain associated with them and it can be easy to get lost in the energy field and experience a high degree of emotional distress for yourself as well.

Below are a couple examples of soul landscape descriptions. The first example is my own landscape from April 5, 2022, the second example is a collective landscape that I saw on February 24, 2022 which I believe reflects humanity’s current landscape. In the first example I have combined the interpretation with the description. In the second example the description and interpretation have been separated.

Example One: Personal Landscape Reading:

There is a figure at the top of a dune of sand. The person is exhausted. There is blood around their mouth and water around them, maybe tears or maybe something residual from where they have just been. Behind them it is dark and you can tell from the shape that the person’s body is in that it was difficult to reach the point where they currently reside. The person is neither sitting nor standing, but leaning, propped up against a rock. The rock is warm and the yellow sand is also warm. Though I can’t see what lies directly ahead there is sunshine and there is a feeling of relief, even though the person has not made it to the destination they are seeking yet and is not ready to stop and rest.

The contrast between the dark behind the figure and the light in front of them along with the sense of relief at reaching the top of this high sand dune represents the passage through deep, dark emotions. There have been many unseen challenges and the person wasn’t sure that they would make it through them. Now the sun is out and the darkness fades into the background. However, the landscape is still one of sand. Though the figure is relieved to feel the sunlight and to have come to the end of the cold darkness, there are not enough resources for survival if they stop. They have to continue to forward. The person is tired and in pain but hopeful, facing ahead and enjoying the sun and warmth. The bright yellow in the foreground reflects the hope in spite of the austere surroundings. Even the rock that the figure leans on lends support to their passage and indicates that subtle help available to them. Though there are no signs of life immediately visible, there is a feeling that life could crop up or be present but unseen.

There is still some feeling of isolation in this environment, but it is not as deep or lonely as the darkness that the person has just come through. Instead, there is knowledge that the hardest part has passed and while the restoration of wealth (in the sense of water, greenery, animals, and other people) is not visible yet, the person feels their presence in this new landscape. There is a bird call in the wind, a couple of hawks are screeching and circling overhead. The figure is looking forward and does not see that they are there, the sound is present but it is unclear to the person if it is a true sound or an echo in their ears which comes as a side-effect of the journey this far. In reality the hawks are present and so are other life forms, they have been the entire time, they are only unseen by the human eye. The person’s doubt is the illusion in their head that causes them to question what they hear, but in time they will grow accustomed to both the quiet and the presence of sound around them and learn to differentiate with more confidence.

The blood around the person’s mouth represents the emotional pain coming up from the heart. There were many things stored there that needed to be released. Much of the darkness from the previous landscape was a reflection of this inner pain coming up and coloring the reflection of everything around the figure. This is also where the cold and water have come from. The person felt like they had plunged into the pit of some of their deepest pain and had no choice but to swim up through it without a clear sense of direction except for a notion to keep moving forward and follow the light. Now that much of this painful energy has been purged, the way ahead is clearer. The person is likely to recover bit by bit as they move on.

The next step is downhill, the pace might feel too fast as the sand threatens to sink beneath the person’s feet. It is still positive, though. Even if the person falls now, they will be carried forward by gravity and sand to the bottom of the dune and that will bring them closer to the place of greenery and refreshment that they are seeking. In their heart the person knows this and feels relief, the way seems less tenuous. The hawks also represent hope, support, and messages from above. The effort is not done, the person is still in a place of possible hardships but the scene has definitely changed recently and the darkest part is now behind them.

The next stage will be more material and less emotional as the previous plunge into the emotions has helped bring awareness and a level of resolution to them.

There is not an immediate sense of danger in this environment, but if the person stagnates then there is the threat of succumbing the elements. This is why the person feels they must keep moving forward, not quickly, but steadily. There is hope on the horizon and the figure just needs to keep plodding ahead to see it clearly. It is not visible yet, except in the figure’s heart, but soon it will be.

Example Two:

Collective Landscape Image from 2.24.22

There is a starchild playing by a dark ocean. He is lighting himself up, realizing that he can make his arms and body glow in neon colors that flare through him like flames and then learning that he can throw the lights out into the sky and water around him. This creates a beautiful neon light show that he dances and plays in with great joy.

Eventually he dances himself beyond the beach into a city. He stops throwing the lights (though he maintains a faint glow of life around him). He looks around and sees an empty, devasted city. Ruins that look like war has struck. He feels the somberness of this image and his glowing eyes well up with tears as he takes it in (the reflection of the devastation can be seen in the watery glowing eyes).

Then with a breath he flares the lights up through his arms and into the ground. It goes into the ground like a seed and comes up as a glowing neon flower. He plants another and another – a whole row of flowers. The roots of the flowers shoot into the ground with glowing light through the dark black soil. The light around the flowers buzzes (all the lights so far have been in cool colors with emphasis on blues and greens and the yellows have a white/gray haze) now a warm glow starts with a breath of fuller yellow and pink. The light expands and blades of grass—not glowing but dense with green-- sprout up over the rubble.

The starchild looks around. Beneath the rubble he sees eyes watching him. He holds up a glowing orb of light and a person, no a family, no a large number of people and animals hidden in the rubble are revealed. He holds the warm light steady and like daylight the city awakens. The people crawl out from where they are hidden to step into the warm light and the garden that has continued to grow. The light grows and lifts higher and higher into the sky away from the starchild. It floats up like a giant helium balloon becoming in essence another sun.

Everyone watches in awe. The scene backs up and you can see light falling over more and more land-- waking up the landscape and bringing color to places that were black before (the reverse of a shadow falling over a landscape). Eventually the light is the sun again and the world is full and bright.

The starchild smiles but he is translucent next to all the more solid people. He pulls more light through his arm in an oval form, throws it under his feet and flies off into the night.


The starchild represents an element of spirt. It could be seen as guardian of sorts, but is more of an energetic element of belief, hope, balance, and love present in human spirit and divine consciousness—it is a part of all that is. It starts off alone over a dark ocean where its light is the only activity. This is how this aspect of energy has appeared in recent humanity. It is present but kept as a separate part of existence. It is the light that people look for in churches or nature or that they are briefly reminded of in the sound of laughter. The ocean represents deep emotions but also the collective psyche, since it is dark it is largely unconscious. The energy of the starchild has been present and active in the depth of human consciousness and on its outskirts, it joyfully illuminates the dark but remains mostly unrecognized.

Playing and enjoying the activation of itself the starchild (which represents the spirt of god or source, of love, peace, joy, enlightenment, etc) now leaves the ocean. This is the time period we are currently in, where the spirit aspect is starting to blend with other aspects of society. Though the spirit aspect or starchild has been happy, content with its own light playing in the darkness (and always present), fear has intensified in other aspects of society. The abandoned structures represent the loss of how things were before. As we go through this period of change it is time to leave behind former views. The scene is somber because the feeling of destruction that comes as a precursor to change has led to hopelessness, fear, and despair. The spirit (starchild) is sensitive to this and filled with compassion and love. The pain that occurs during these transitions is acknowledged, but the spirit also knows that the reason for this type of breakdown is to plant new seeds.

Society is coming apart and even though it can be terrifying for many people to watch and it can feel hopeless, there is a loving reason behind it. The reason is the rebuilding of something filled with love which is more aligned to the collective desire. This is a society which is more sustainable for all of creation rather than a society built on greed and fear. The starchild which is this spirit of love plants his own fire (the energy of love and peace and joy) and a new world grows out of the devastation. Humanity and nature come back into harmony as the energetic blueprint of this new world becomes denser-- shifting from an energetic blueprint to a material realization. There is enough energy to form a symbolic sun. The sun represents enlightenment, vision, clarity, warmth, understanding and source or god. That small aspect of spirit that started over the ocean no longer needs to sustain all the light alone, now there is enough loving energy and connection to sustain itself and the majority of the population is able to see and recognize it. This is represents humanity becoming more conscious of the spirit or light within and recognizing its importance in the world.

The world is rekindled with its own light and the essence of spirit becomes more and more physical. It grows to such an extent that the comparatively small bit of inspiration that started it all appears finite by comparison, because it is not a physical embodiment of this love energy, it is an energetic embodiment of it. Having served its purpose on this planet and helped with the transition to a physical, material realization of source consciousness the small aspect of spirit returns to where it came (to true source) or goes off to bring light to other dark spaces.

This period of time has elements of extreme dark and light in it. Many people have grown weary after two years of Covid and the outbreak of war along with other elements of political and economic tension. This will likely intensify as the old energy on which human society has been built is falling away. For a person standing within in this society who does not see the other dimensions of reality, going through this bout of darkness may feel terrifying and hopeless. It may seem destructive, but there is an intangible element lighting the way. The falling apart of current structures is occurring because we are needing to shift in our understanding of life. This understanding has always been present deep within our collective consciousness, though often it is unconscious to many individuals. It has shown up in art, music, movies, writing, and teachers. It has appeared in brief moments as individuals, groups, inventions, ideologies, and understanding.

Now it is starting to spread from something scarce, dancing on the outskirts of human consciousness to something that is present within human understanding. It is moving to the spaces where previous ways of understanding have started to collapse and organically growing a new way of being. As it grows, more and more people will come to understand what it means to be alive and develop a new way of seeing things. This will lead to greater inspiration, beliefs, and ideologies which will continue to develop as a new physical manifestation of all that is desired by the heart of humanity. It will develop into the new society we are transitioning into and once it does the original sparks will seem small next to it. Yet they are the sparks that taught us and grew so that we could create and live in a world of love and peace that is beneficial to all of its inhabitants and exists in greater harmony than before.

The darkness will be outgrown by the light and a new way of being will take shape. It may take a while (it is likely to take years or decades) and be difficult to see at times, but all of this is happening for the expansion of light and from the source of love.

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