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  • Jaime Lang

How I Work With the Voices In My Head

I've been reaching out to people on facebook (click here to see my profile or here to see my business page and please add me as a friend or follow if you like my content) for the past couple of months as I launch my coaching business, and more than once I have been asked about how to deal with voices.

I don't have a set suggestion that would work for everyone, what I do have is a process that helped me significantly. This video is long, I always feel the need to lay the foundation and explain how I perceive voices and other non-physical entities.

What worked for me was to stop fighting against the voices and stop trying to ignore them. This was scary when I first tried it because I had always been taught to do the opposite, and I had to use caution because the majority of the voices I heard were dark and provided painful suggestions. When I started listening to them I had to separate listening from absorbing-- Click here for some information about Listening vs Absorbing.

The trick was to understand what was being said without agreeing with it. Reading The 4 Agreements is a good way to understand this concept (here is an older video about the book if it is helpful).

Instead of taking the words of the darker voices literally, I started to interpret them like I would dreams. I looked at symbolism in what I saw and also recognized my fear and subconscious in them. This allowed me to change my perspective, the voices were no longer enemies I had to defeat-- but a view into my own inner landscape which could help me increase awareness.

As I started listening and addressing the concerns in my subconscious the voices became quieter and less painful. Life became much easier to manage from this vantage point.

The video describes my experience in greater detail.

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