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Accomplishing the Impossible

What is Impossibility?

Impossible is a matter of perspective. It isn’t something that exists except in a particular space of time.

Luckily, time is a third-dimensional illusion—but if thinking of it that way is too much of a stretch, then you can exchange this sentence to say luckily time is in constant motion.

Even though something might seem out of reach in this moment in the next it might be closer and then closer and closer. In this way if you looked a time as a current and you were riding it towards the impossible thing that you wanted, you would find that what might be impossible right now could become unlikely at another moment and then just out of reach; and eventually within reach and then probable and at some point if you moved towards it consistently enough it would become such a normal part of your experience that you will have forgotten that it was once impossible to you.

If you are able to understand multidimensionality well enough to realize that all things exist at all times, it might be better for you see that everything impossible is not only not impossible, but already in existence and all you need to do is line up your conscious focus with the part of yourself that is already experiencing it. Doing this will propel you to it and it to you like a magnet. I think that this image is a more accurate depiction of the layers of reality. From here you will see that impossible isn’t actually true, what impossibility means is only that you are not lined up with the reality that you want to experience and currently believing that you are incapable of ever doing so. Impossibility is a belief, but not a fact of existence.

However, since we are living in a dimension where time is a part of reality, it might be more practical to approach this topic using the linear understanding that impossible is only an aspect of a set period of time. This will make more sense to the majority of people right now, so it is the approach that I will use for the rest of this article.

Impossible is Temporary

Here is a mistake that many people make in their lives when they are trying to create change. They look around and they see things as they are. They see themselves a certain way, they see their circumstances a certain way, they see the world a certain way and they think that what they see is all that there is. It might not be a conscious thought (it is easy to cognitively say I know that there is more than I can see), but it is a belief that what they see right now is all that they will ever see and all that they will ever be. Even if they know that more exists outside of their current scope of reality, many people do not truly believe that those things will ever show up in their own personal lives—what is outside of their view will always be outside of their view and what they see will more or less always be what they see.

This can be true and for many people it is because in believing that it is true they never change their perspective to look beyond their current view. They don’t actually step out of this space and into a new one and so time glides by like a river and instead of riding it to that impossible place that they long to reach, they stand rooted in the dirt like a tree or a boulder and watch time pass thinking that the impossible thing is eternally impossible. In fact from this place it is, because the belief that it is and will always be impossible reinforces itself.

Impossible might seem forever if you have forgotten that time is not static and you are capable of movement, but the truth is that you are not a tree and you don’t have to stay rooted in the dirt of what is if you don’t want to. If the current of time is moving along and pulling you towards that impossible dream you can use your human ability to metaphorically craft a raft and float down with it. If you do this you will see that the place you were at originally was only one place and the way that you saw yourself then was only one way of being.

You are more than a set of adjectives, a personality type, or any other box that might feel good to pack yourself into. Yes, you can stay there and believe that the labels you have put on yourself are all that you are, but that is a choice—it is your choice. You can also choose to leave those labels behind and see who you are outside of the box.

Let me take this out of analogy now and try to make it a little more applicable:

It can be really easy to get overwhelmed when you feel like something you want is out of reach. When you believe that something is impossible the idea of trying to move towards it is discouraging and you won’t be able to make much progress under the weight of that belief.

The good news is that the concept of impossibility is not a fixed object that you need to accept. Something that is impossible one day may not be impossible the next. This is really easy to understand if you think about children and adults. A child might want to be a firefighter. When he is six this is impossible—he’s too young, too small, not old enough to work, etc. Even though it might be impossible for that six year old to be what he wants to be in that moment, there is no reason to think it will remain impossible for the duration of his life. The minute he turns 18 he can apply to work with a fire department and if he has lined up with that dream by staying in physical shape, taking fire safety courses in high school, and doing other things he needs to do to apply for the job, he has a really good chance of making that dream a reality quickly.

This example is super obvious because it is the kind of thing we are taught to believe. A kid has a dream, they take steps to line up with it, and when they become an adult they can go for it and are very likely to make it happen. Once they have made it happen it isn’t impossible at all, it is mundane. The thing that you want might seem much more impossible to you right now than the example provided, but the concept is the same. Remember that being a firefighter was impossible for the six year old, but since the six year old knew that it was not eternally impossible, he allowed himself to grow into a person that would one day make the impossible a normal part of reality. It comes more naturally in childhood because growth and change are expected of us, but we can continue to grow and develop as adults too.

Regardless of what age you are, if there is something that you deeply want—your inner calling or desire— it is not impossible for you to reach it. It might be impossible in this moment of time based on your past experiences, but it does not need to be impossible forever.

You are not static, you are capable of change, and because you are capable of change you are able to move closer to that impossible thing that you want. It might take practice, repetition, and some adventurous surprises along the way, but if you allow yourself to move in the direction of the impossible thing you want it will become steadily less impossible, until one day it is not only within reach but firmly in your hand.

I will give you another example. Let’s say you want to run a marathon, but you have never run more than a mile at one time in your life. The thought of 26 miles would seem pretty impossible at that moment, but if you decided that it was something you wanted to pursue and you started running daily (or almost daily) you would move beyond that one mile. You would reach one and a half miles and then two and then three and then five and it would likely take months of consistent training along with changes in diet and other lifestyle habits but after months or a year it would not be impossible for you to run the entire 26 miles. It was a goal that was impossible when you started and maybe it remained impossible for several months after you started, but if you kept training, adjusting, learning, and growing, one day you would find that not only was it no longer impossible, but that you had in fact accomplished it.

These are relatively small examples to make the idea easier to digest and understand, maybe your dream is bigger, such as to become famous, or overcome a chronic disease, or be a billionaire. These dreams seem more impossible because most of us are used to thinking of them that way, but think about it this way instead-- other people did it. There are billionaires and celebrities, there are stories of people who had impossible odds of recovery and somehow healed. It isn’t impossible, it is just not in your experience yet and that’s okay.

How To Move Towards The Impossible

Instead of getting stuck thinking about all the reasons something you want is out of reach try to remind yourself that if you make consistent movement towards that thing you want it will get closer. Try to envision what you want moving towards you as you move towards it.

This process of visualization is important. For one thing, it focuses you on what you want and brings it closer to you—those of you who have learned about the law of attraction understand why this is so crucial. On an emotional level if you do this you will likely notice a change in how you feel. You will move from a place of despair and hopelessness to one of optimism and at least of hope. The more that you believe that it is coming to you the more that hope will turn to certainty, but if you can maintain even the sense of hope it will help because when you feel hopeful you will start to see a change in your thoughts. Instead of finding all the reasons that thing you want is out of reach you will naturally find yourself thinking about the ways it could come to you.

Allow yourself to imagine the potential ways you might become famous or rich or get better without getting too attached to any one of them. You don’t have to start off believing in any of them if you aren’t able to honestly do so yet, but if you let all the ideas come to you and start to follow the ones that feel best to you, they will lead you to smaller steps that you can take now to line up even more with what you want. When you get to a place where you can envision a step that you can take right now to get a little closer to that impossible thing, take it. In doing so you will have just moved yourself closer and made what you visualized (the impossible thing coming closer to being possible) a reality.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to making the impossible ordinary. Keep doing this and you will see how you can use the fluidity of time to transform your life from what it is to what you want it to be.

If You Need Help…

In writing the process of moving closer to what you want seems straightforward and simple, but the process of consistently maintaining hope and taking steps towards what once seemed impossible can be much more challenging than a blog can describe. The steps

you take to move forward will bring you up against other thoughts and beliefs that might seem difficult or painful to you. They often indicate items that need to be resolved or harmful core beliefs that need to be addressed. There are reasons why people feel so much safer staying in one place than moving forward and each person and dream is multi-faceted with unique strengths and different kinds challenges that will arise. It’s okay if there are moments that things seem difficult or you feel like you have reached a point where you need to take a break or change strategies. It’s okay if the amount of time something takes isn’t what you expected or if you need help moving from what you are experiencing now to what you are moving towards. If you feel that you do need help with your particular process of moving towards your “impossible” goal, then reaching out could be your next step. I am currently offering one on one online or over the phone coaching sessions. If you are interested please check out the about page for more information. I will also be adding more blogs and videos with free information here, so check back for more articles, insights, and tips. Sometimes asking for help can mean reaching out to a friend, family member or colleague, or reading a new book or taking a class that will prepare you for what you want. If finding the resources or information you need to gain clarity is your next step then I encourage you to take it.

We have the power to create the reality we want, no matter how impossible it might seem at this moment. Even though something can appear daunting from our current perspective, each step closer to that reality is a step closer and though there might be moments of difficulty, the journey to what you really want and to uncovering who you really are is one that is full of wonder, magic, happiness, and fulfillment. It is a beautiful process and right now is a great time for us to work together to understand difficulties and then blast forward to break our own perception of impossibility and create a new, more sustainable type of reality.

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