Invisible Peoples

Invisible Peoples are a series of marker drawings that I began in 2014. These illustrations are full of color. The shapes and figures might appear simple, but they interact in complex and nonsensical ways.  


Though the geometric patterns and figures were not particularly complicated and sometimes seem fun and whimsical, they represent the chaos and confusion in my head.


These drawings were some of my first attempts to use visual arts as a way to "light-heartedly" illustrate my experience with mental illness.


Unlike in my previous drawings, the monsters in these pictures are discreet. What is more prominent is the sense of chaos and confusion. My brain and world often feel a little like an optical illusion to me. Things both exist and don't exist simultaneously.


Hallucinations interact with physical reality and thoughts that seem completely logical one minute turn to gibberish in the space of an hour. Rather than focusing on the monsters in my mind, these drawings are meant to capture the essence of the illness that are more difficult to explain-- the confused thoughts and delusions and the attempts to find meaning within meaning within meaning.


Look closely at the drawings, are things really as simple as they first appear to be? 

Invisible Peoples: Up and Down, 2015 Marker Drawing


Facebook: @jlangart
Instagram: dreamsofjulyart

Twitter: @dreamsofjulyart

Location: United States

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