A Tree Without Leaves Part 3

Every time I tried to build a structure on beliefs that were not my own the crack appeared and brought anxiety because somewhere deep within

A Tree Without Leaves Part 2

What is important is not the external, it is the internal. It is not the thing but the underlying reason  for pursuing the thing in the firs


I used to succumb to my fears. I believed the whispers of the dark and when they became screams I collapsed pleading to them for mercy.

Life is Unjustifiable

Life itself is unjustified and unjustifiable-- that is why using a lens of justice (or judgement or even purpose) doesn't work well with

The Ghost Girl

There is a story I want to tell now about what happened last night and about a thing that started to happen 18 years ago. It is a story that

Soul Fragmentation

I'm going to use this frame work of soul fragmentation, retrieval, and integration to explain something that I experienced this afternoo


Resistance points to an inner struggle and it comes up almost every time you are preparing or working towards some life-changing thing.


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