Picture taken March 2017 at Santa Monica, CA 

Jaime Lang
Email: dreamsofjulyart@gmail.com
Jaime currently lives and works in Hesperia, CA.

Jaime Lang is an emerging artist who works primarily with markers, graphite, and acrylic. Her art is often fraught with contrast both in palette and thematically. Jaime likes to play with the concept of duality; dark shadows enhance the brightness of color and hope is always present to counter despair.

A survivor of childhood-onset schizophrenia, agoraphobia, and depression; Jaime grew up in the company of fear, loneliness, and hopelessness. Initially, Jaime turned to art with the intention of conveying these dark emotions but in the process, she learned about the depth of love and the beauty that comes from intense struggle. For these reasons tenacity, hope, and healing are especially important themes in Jaime’s creations.

Through her art, Jaime hopes to convey that things are never as bleak (or as simple) as they seem. She uses abstract and surrealist elements, not only to tell her story, but to promote the strength that comes from integration of all aspects of the self. Some of the greatest treasures are found in the darkest spaces of the soul and Jaime hopes that her work will inspire others to look deeper into their own darkness and find the gems of courage, love, and creativity that are inside us all.  



Her work can currently be found in several private collections.


Private collection, Port Orchard WA
Private collection, Long Beach CA
Private collection, Huntington Beach CA
Private collection, Greely CO


Email: dreamsofjulyart@gmail.com
Facebook: @jlangart
Instagram: dreamsofjulyart

Twitter: @dreamsofjulyart

Location: United States

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