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Interested in a Session? 

I am currently accepting clients for my 16 week coach program. We would work together over zoom or the telephone. If you are interested please reach out to schedule a FREE strategy call through the contact page on this site. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. 


Profile Picture of Coach Jaime and dog Tobey

About Me

Hi. My name is Jaime and the adorable, fluffy guy next to me in this picture is Tobey. I struggled with life.. A LOT, for a very a long time and was given all kinds of mental health diagnosis as a result. The diagnosis didn't help me much, but the pain and difficulty I had getting through basic daily living tasks drove me to look for answers about how to live better. I hobbled my way through high school and college and graduated with an undergraduate degree in social work and a plan to become a therapist one day. I made it halfway through an MSW program with an emphasis in community mental health before my coping mechanisms failed me and I nose-divided out of school, employment, and general society. 

Years and whole lot of internal work later I was able to re-integrate into the world. I ended up with a Master's Degree in English and Creative Writing and found employment in the corporate world. The people who knew me through the entire span of change were amazed at the turn around, but that was because they didn't see that in those years that I spent disconnected from the "real world" I was reframing my way of living and my perception of life. I found articles on neuroplasticity as well as spiritual and holistic healing methods and began integrating techniques from both psychology and spirituality into my daily routine. My goals stopped being based on the outer trappings of success that we typically view in terms of money and prestige and began to center around well-being and quality of life. The result was more well-being, a much higher quality of life, and as an unintended side-effect greater strides in outward success. 

When I was at my lowest point I had a vision for my life that motivated me. It was that one day I would find a way to get better SO THAT I could turn around and help others get better too. There is more to life than struggling to get through each day and there is more than getting stuck in the daily grind day. Instead of teaching people what to do to get by or providing band-aid solutions, I utilize inner transformation to improve quality of life and wellbeing from the inside out. This promotes lasting inner change and outer growth. I like to start with some of the practices and perspectives that helped me, but I realize that everyone has their own path and am more concerned with helping you figure out what you want from your life and how you can move towards those goals. There is no one-size fits all method to life quality, and I don't believe in using that approach. Some people will benefit more from encouragement and others from accountability, some from practical tools and practices, and others from digesting different theories of thought. My goal is to help my clients improve their quality of life based on THEIR definition of quality. WE do this together by looking at current habits and blockages and coming up with effective strategies that you are willing and able to implement to move closer to you vision for what you want your life to look like. Then we go through these strategies TOGETHER, one step at time to see what comes up and what adjustments can be made. The goal is for you to live a fulfilling, high-quality life whether you start off as someone plagued by over-thinking, anxiety, and despair, or as someone who is fairly comfortable where you are at but looking for more. 

Life is beautiful and yes it can be difficult too, but we can work together to use the difficult to inspire greater beauty. 

Please use the contact page to schedule a FREE 1 hour consultation and subscribe to this website to stay up to date on the latest blogs, videos, and services. Thank you for being here. I look forward to helping you create a more fulfilling, high-quality life that moves you towards your vision of success and wellbeing. 

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