Courage and Creativity

This year has been tumultuous for me.  My life changed in unexpected and incredibly painful ways.  It was a year that required taking things one breath at a time. 


I woke up one morning to find myself absorbed into a gray day.  Even with the sun shining in the bright blue sky, all I could see was gray. 

I didn't want to get up. I was angry, sad, heartbroken. Why get out of bed? What's the point? I directed my questions to the divine beings that I learned to refer to as "the higher ups."

Why did you bring me here and leave me alone? 


I felt alone that day and weak. 

Get up. You are stronger than this. 

It wasn't a voice exactly, or a thought. It was more like an imprint. 

I groaned, I don't want to.

But I got up. 

The sky was clear but it looked like it was swollen with tears. My dogs bounced around my feet, eager for their walk. 

I don't want to walk. 

Take them. 

I protested again, but I did it. 

The air was nice. A bird swooped down from the sky in the distance. I decided to take a different path. 

I'm trying. I told the higher ups. I'm trying to be optimistic, I'm trying to believe that there is a point to this and that I'm not alone. But I felt alone. 

Then I saw something, it fluttered in the wind. I stopped. Caught in a thorny bush was a long, beautiful stripped feather.  I picked it up. A few feet further there was another and another. 

I had just been reading about messages left by the higher ups in the form of feathers. I had never seen feathers like this before. 

When I got home I looked them up. They were the tail feathers of an adolescent hawk.  What do hawk feathers mean? I looked that up too. 

The answer I got: Courage and Creativity. 


That's where your journey is headed. You are going to find Courage and Creativity.  That's the purpose of it all.  Transform into yourself. 

Thank you, reader, for listening and for visiting my sight. 




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