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Welcome to reality revision, if you have found your way to this website you are probably someone who is pushing at the edges of what you have been taught about reality.


Maybe you have an inner yearning for something more than your current day to day life, maybe you feel like there is a purpose that you were made for but can't quite define, or you have a constant restlessness or dissatisfaction with where you are at this moment. 

Perhaps that inner restlessness has caused you to explore spiritual practices and question who you are, why you are here, and what your life is about. 

If you can relate to these experiences you are in the right place.


At its core reality revision is about looking at what reality is and how our current paradigms shape what we experience and how we interpret those experiences. It is a process which uses elements of psychology and spirituality to explore belief systems and offers you new ways of looking at and interacting with your life-- allowing you to dive deeper into what you believe about yourself and recreate your own life based on the perspectives that are most helpful to you. 

Reality revision is about finding empowerment by assessing, challenging, and redefining how you see the world and your place in it. There are many different layers to this exploration and strategies for revision. These different strategies, paradigms, and lessons are explored in more detail on the blog page, so please check that out! Also feel free to contact me with any questions and be sure to add your name to the newsletter for the latest updates and features. 

Understanding the unseen forces that drive our life is the first step towards experiencing freedom and empowerment. This site offers tools to help explore some of those dynamics and start the process of opening up to a more fulfilling, spirit-based, heart centered life. 

Welcome to Reality Revision

Life is a beautiful experience. 

At least, it is meant to be.


It is a place where we get to experience ourselves and engage in the creation of our own dreams and expansion. Many of us feel this. It is why so many experiences feel wrong or painful. Life is meant to be beautiful, but there is a side that is painful, challenging and terrifying. 

Life actually contains both aspects. It is both extremely beautiful and extremely painful and our experience of it can fall anywhere along the spectrum. 

Our perception of life and the energy, thoughts, emotions, and actions stemming from that perception shape the amount of time we tend to spend enjoying the beauty or struggling against the pain. These perceptions are often deep within us and hard for us to recognize.


The more you become aware of your inner world, the more capable you are of choosing how you will experience the outer world.


This is where empowerment unfolds. 

The goal of this site is to provide tools: frameworks, ideas, recommendation, and coaching for anyone who is ready to look inside and learn how to navigate their inner world to create an outer world that reflects what is wanted rather than what they have been handed. 


If you are interested in one on one coaching please visit the about page for more information or the contact page to request a session. 

For free tools, thoughts, and information please check out the blog

Thank you for visiting and for being part of this journey within. 

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